Winter Essentials – Fashion and Lifestyle

I will keep these posts short and sweet since we’ve all learned from past experiences on the do’s and dont’s in winters.

Stay Warm: Duh! Your best investment is a pull-over or a sweater and if it snows where you live then jackets, socks, thermals… just wear everything. I feel cold just thinking about it I like winters but not as much as where I am not able to breathe in my clothes.

Scarves: This is a great way to accessorise your outfit and keep yourself warm. This is such a fun way to express your sense of style. You can add color with scarves if your outfit is all black or solid colors.


Hot Drink: The charm of drinking a hot cup of drink in winters is to a whole other level. You can opt for the basic coffee or drink hot coco or hot pumpkin spice drink. Yum! I like drinking Hot milk with some Turmeric, sugar or honey to taste with crushed nuts (almond, walnuts, peanuts). The turmeric is good for healing while winters can cause body pain and flu.

Blankets: I place a fuzzy blanket on my couch once winter starts so I can curl up in it while watching TV. I hate getting up and bringing a blanket once I am all cozy and comfortable on the sofa.



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