Winter Essentials – Beauty

We all need reminding every year as to which products to keep close in winters. Years of experience of surviving winters in Dubai I think I can name a list of products that will help you survive too but if you live where it snows then I can’t help you. Winters in Dubai are like your spring in your country. So you can try all these hacks in spring! See there is always a silver lining… if you see closely… very closely!

Body: I always had dry skin so I am that crazy person who moisturizes my entire body all year long. It can be 40 degrees outside but I will moisturize after every shower. In winters I have to up my game and use a body oil and I’ve been loving Bio Oil. It’s available in all pharmacies, incredibly affordable and doesn’t make u feel greasy and sticky.


Face: I do sometimes use oil for around my eyes since it’s a bit more drying than my face. Having an oily skin I choose the thickest moisturizer which has good ingredients since my skin is sensitive too. I love Cetaphil for this! Cetaphil is:

🔅For chronic dry and sensitive skin





🔅No parabens

🔅No Lanolin

Sunblock: Even though it’s winters and the sun doesn’t feel that strong to us it is still an evil culprit to making us look older by the day. Use sunblock whether it’s rainy, cloudy or snowing outside. My pick is Bioderma since it’s lightweight, blends well and doesn’t give me acne.

🔅It is Photoderm SPOT SPF 50+

🔅Preventive anti-mark effect

Water: We sweat less than usual in winters that’s why it’s essential to keep yourself hydrated even though you don’t feel thirsty. Water intake will keep you healthy and beautiful inside and out. I think we all know what water looks like and how to drink it… yah! so I don’t need to include a picture here.

Blush: Since we are hardly getting any sun we can look very pale so choose a warm color for your blush to bring some color back into your face. I love using Warm Soul by Mac.

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