Bumebime Whiteneing Soap From Thailand

Whitening products are HUGE in Asian Countries. Including Pakistan (where I am from) whitening products sell out within minutes. Now I am all about brightening my complexion. But I was looking for a product to whiten my skin and came across Bumebime Whitening Soap from Thailand.

Now don’t get me wrong I love my skin color but a mistake of waxing 2 years ago has given me dark spots. Apparently my skin was too sensitive for monthly waxing and it gave me dark spots here and there. Obviously I stopped waxing immediately but also tried home remedies and facial brightening products on my skin. Nothing works! So I was desperate to try anything that looks promising.

The videos shown for this soap are like MAGIC! SCAM SCAM SCAM! Forget having lighter skin in general it didn’t even lighten my dark spots on my body. Like not even a smidgen. I feel like whitening products is such a huge market and attracts millions of customers that anything would sell. Now I thought I was smart to do my research before buying this but it’s just a bunch of lies. It just cleans your skin and that’s ALL. I didn’t see any difference and was extremely disappointed. I did buy Pure Soap as well and will give it a try too but I don’t have high hopes.


Hope this is helpful for anyone who is wanting to get a whitening product and have their eyes on this soap. Skip it and find something better. Once you do let me know too lol. Have a great week! xoxo

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