Trend Alert: Olive Green Color

Olive green is the new black these days. Every 10 years this color comes in trend and I absolutely love it. It suits every complexion. Here are my favorite items from and keep on reading for 10% discount for my readers for the month of February so Stop thinking and Start shopping.

Namshi has been one of my all time favorite online shops in U.A.E. Their prices are mind-blowing and their apparel is always on-trend.

Bomber Jackets:

Bomber jackets are all the rage these winters. They look incredibly slimming and flattering on all body types and olive-green color makes it more stunning. If you are not familiar Bomber Jackets are typically satin material with elasticized waist and end of sleeves and a zipper in the front. Basically what Tom Cruise wore in Top Gun! Remember that!

Bomber Jacket by GINGER for Dhms 169. Buy this here

Bomber Jacket by VERO MODA for Dhms 189. Buy this here

Full Zip bomber Jacket from ONLY for Dhms 169. Buy this here.

Bomber Jacket with Patches from ONLY for Dhms 219. Buy this here.

Crop Top:

Crop tops are also another style that is trending in girls right now with high-waisted jeans or even a skirt and some Adidas Superstar underneath. This idea of dressing sings to me.

High neck Crop top by TOPSHOP for Dhms 57. Buy it here

Crop Top from Forever 21 for Dhms 89. Buy this here

Crop Top and Leggings set by GINGER for Dhms 109. Buy this here

Deal of the Day: Crop top and Skirt by GINGER for Dhms 50 ONLY. Buy this here.


Kimono is like wearing a sleeping robe out in the public which by the way is another thing trending these days. Expensive PJs out and about (Yay! for lazy me).

Kimono with Floral Patches by VERO MODA for Dhms 189. Buy this here


Ripped jeans, culottes and leggings is all I see in the department down below. Check out my picks from Namshi.

Belted Culottes from NATIVE YOUTH for Dhms 205. Buy this here.

Nike Air Leggings for Dhms 149. Buy this here.

Ripped Joggers by MISSGUIDED for Dhms 105. Buy this here.

Use coupon code FEBCUT to get 10%discount (Valid for all items except sale items) for the entire month of February 2017.

Disclaimer: All rights reserved to the pictures of clothing items shown in this post to

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  1. I absolutely love the colour olive green, especially when it comes to clothing! Anything military-related in terms of fashion is always a winner for me!

  2. I love this color but I Feel like with my blonde hair and light skin that it never looks great on me. I think it looks great on you. I love it for this time of the year.

  3. I do knot know where to start in telling you how much I love the new trend color!! The Crop top and Skirt by GINGER is beautiful! I am totally in love with the Belted Culottes from NATIVE YOUTH! I appreciate the 10% off!! I will need it.

  4. Okay, I have only met three other Aixa’s in my life: My mom, my cousin and a politician in North Carolina! How cool that your name is Aixa!

    LOVE the Olive. My favorite is the Ginger skirt. Ahhh it’s inspiration for me to tone it up a bit so my butt will look better in it LOL!

  5. Olive green is such a fabulous color so it is pretty exciting that it is a trend color! You can dress the color up or down and it goes with so many skin tones too! I am a huge fan of the color!

  6. The olive color looks so cool and glam for both casual and office attire. I would like to have that bomber jacket. Now I realize I need to go shopping for a kimono!