Top 9 Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes is an essential item in achieving a flawless face. The impact of makeup brushes in achieving an eye look as well as a full face of highlighted, contoured face. Here I will share my 9 must-haves makeup brushes that help me achieve any eye look including a full face of makeup.

Face Brushes

bh Cosmetics 124

🔅 I use this for powdering my face after concealing and foundation.

🔅 Powders large portion of face easily.

Sigma F40

🔅 It is marketed as a contour brush but I love it for applying my blush.

🔅 The white bristles help me identify when the brush needs to be cleaned.

bh Cosmetics 125

🔅 Perfect for precise highlighting and blending your highlighter and blush for a seamless effect.

Beauty Blender

🔅 I use this for concealer/foundation. I haven’t used any makeup brush for applying my foundation or concealer in years. Love my Beauty Blender! It’s a very good investment.

Eyeshadow Brushes

Sigma Large Shader E60

🔅 My most used brush for applying eye shadow all over the lid.

Sigma Medium Angled Shading E70

🔅 I love this brush for highlighting my inner corners and under the brow bone.

🔅 This is the only brush I use for highlighting my eyes and absolutely love it!

Sigma Blending E25

🔅 This is the key brush for blending all my eye shadows together. Blending the crease for smokey effect.

🔅 The more you have this brush the better.

Sigma Pencil E30

🔅 I use E30 to take eyeshadow down to the lower lash line. Also to get a smoked out eyeliner effect on top of my eye lids.

Brush from The Face Shop

🔅 The brush doesn’t tell a name but I love this brush for filling out my eye brows.

🔅 Gives a very natural effect without making my eyebrows look harsh.

tarte Eyeliner Brush

🔅 I got this brush with tarte maracuja eyeliner and always like using this for applying my gel eyeliner.

🔅 Gives precision and good control.

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  1. Highly informative especially the ones like me who do not know anything about ‘makeup’ stuff!! Keep it up!

  2. I love how detailed and informative this post is. Makeup brushes are such an important part of any makeup routine and you can easily find such affordable ones if you know the right places to look. You should check out The Beauty Insiders website, as they feature a lot of great posts which you may find helpful or interesting 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. You are very kind. I will surely check out Beauty Insiders. Never say no to a good read (: