Subscription Boxes In Dubai – Beauty, Lifestyle, Food, Mothers & Kids

When Birchbox was first launched in the U.S. I was so fascinated by the whole idea of getting a box filled with goodies each month. I kept contacting them asking when they will start their service internationally. But they never did. Instead I found several other companies that send out monthly subscriptions from beauty, food, kids activities to mother activities in a box. It’s like a present to yourself every month. If you want to know my finds keep on reading.


  1. Glambox
  2. Zanedo
  3. Chic Living Kit


  1. Cook a Box
  2. Dinner Time
  3. Fruitful Day
  4. Green Heart
  5. Martin’s Meat
  6. munchbox
  7. Springbok Butchery
  8. Red Coffee
  9. Gingerbread Box
  10. Tea Box
  11. Farm Box


  1. BloomBox
  2. Box Therapy
  3. Khaleejesque


  1. kitabox
  2. Mystery Box


  1. Happy Box
  2. Mama’s Box

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