Fresh Soy Face Cleanser – YouTube Made Me Buy It

Hey everyone. I am here with another review of a face cleanser. Yes! you guessed it by the title. YouTube made me buy it and I am not happy. It’s the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.

My favorite YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen uses this face cleanser all the time and rave about it. I never thought a cleanser can do an extraordinary job than to just clean my face but I have had some really good cleansers that actually do what they say! Mostly I gravitate towards anti-acne cleansers to keep mine at bay but a simple basic cleanser is also a must.

Product Claims:

  • Fresh Soy Face Cleanser comes in a squeezy tube that says it has amino acids in it.
  • It is for all skin types.
  • This cleanser is supposed to be gentle.
  • It’s fragrance-free which means it’s great for sensitive skin.
  • Soap-free which means it will not leave your skin dry and strip the natural oils from your skin.


It sells for $38 on Sephora.



  • The packaging is good. But if you get a small size it comes with a screw on top which is kinda annoying once your hands are wet.
  • It comes out in a sticky transparent gel and takes a while to lather up.
  • It did absolutely nothing special for my skin which is why I am sooo happy that I didn’t buy a full size yet I am still upset to have to spend Dhms 56 on that tiny tube.
  • I will NOT repurchase this rather I would get Purity Made Simple by Philosophy. Love that stuff!!

Hope this review was helpful for anyone who is curious to buy this since it is a bit of a pricey cleanser. I always wanted to use it because of YouTube but good thing I didn’t completely get sucked into the hype. Have a good day everyone. xoxo

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