Sneakers 101

This will be your complete guide for buying sneakers so you can avoid the hassle of either returning them or refunding your money. I’ve had a fair share of these events from time to time so let my experience help you. The number of choices we have these days in a stores gets me overwhelmed when you scan an entire wall full of sneakers. Each one made to do something different, some you want to buy because they look good or you like the color but not necessarily do what you want a sneaker to do.

🔅Sneakers should be comfortable as soon as your feet goes inside them. Usually with other shoes we give the benefit of the doubt that they will loosen up and take the shape of your feet overtime but with sneakers it’s a whole different story. Either you buy for running, workout or just casual use they will not get comfortable overtime.

🔅They should be light in weight or at least feel light on your feet. Sneakers that are heavy and weigh your feet down will make them lethargic before time. That is a no no!

🔅 Each person comes in one of three types of feet strikes. Pronation, Supination and Neutral.

Pronation: Usually people who have a flat foot pronate while walking. The easy way of telling this is your shoe soles from the inner side would be worn off the most.

Supination: When you put more pressure on the outer area of your feet that’s Supinating. This is me! I put more pressure on the outer cushion of my feet which is why my sneakers are always worn off from the outer sides. I always need sneakers that have good cushioning and soft material around the toes so my pinky finger is not bruised when I am supinating.

Neutral: As the name suggests people who have a neutral strike on the ground have a balanced foot pressure on all sides. Usually the soles are equally worn off and these people have less chances of feet or leg injury.

Which Type Are You?

Either you check the soles of your most worn sneakers and if that seems confusing you can wet your feet and walk bare foot on the tiles or a brown grocery bag. The print of your feet will tell exactly which category you fall into. Prominent foot print of your feet as if it strikes completely flat on the ground means you are most likely to be flat footed hence a Pronator. If your foot print shows no trace under the arch and more on the outer sides of your feet your likely to be a Supinator. If you can’t exactly tell a difference in your foot print and everything looks balanced then you are a Neutral.

🔅Sneakers are available for different types of activities like running, gym workout, dancing, hiking, training, playing sports etc. Don’t underestimate this division in sneakers as they are there for a reason. Get the sneakers for the activity you want to use them for and try not to misuse them. A sneaker bought for the gym if used mostly for casual walking will not give you a 100% result in the gym. They get worn off by uneven roads or sideways, rocks or sand that you cross over.

🔅 My final advice is don’t hesitate to ask for help at a store when buying yourself a pair of sneakers. Salesmen there are trained to understand and help any problem you put forward. If you have knee injury or leg pain let them know it will help them pick out a sneaker for you that addresses those problems.

Hope this helps let me know which type are you in the comments below. Have a great day. #MyDSF is still on till 28th January so take advantage. Happy sneaker shopping everyone! xoxo

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  1. My son LOVES sneakers. Me, not as big of a fan. I am neutral though according your to your post which is great to hear 🙂 Thanks for this great sneakers 101 post. I am going to share this one on Pinterest for sure!

  2. Thank you. I need a new pair of runners and I struggle never knowing what to buy. They can be so very expensive sometimes I don’t understand why I would need more than one pair. My runners are old and they are not comfortable anymore. Also I really feel like I need a good pair with some support for high intensity activities like group power and boot camp.

  3. I always wear trainers (as they called in the UK) as they so comfortable for walking but the right pair needs to be worn. I found if I dont get the right pair, it actually hurts my calf muscles and when I transfer to my running trainers, I tend to pick up injuries. So the right pair is a must!

  4. What a great post! I walk 4-5 miles a day and so I’m replacing my shoes pretty frequently. It’s really true about asking for help at the store. The few places I shop for shoes .. the sales people are super knowledgable and helpful. It really rely on them when my favorite brand has come out with a new line because they always seem to fit a little differently than what I’m used to.

  5. I actually have gotten fitted for my running sneakers! I run about 10-20 miles a week and am training for a half marathon so I knew i needed to get sneakers that were good for my feet! This is a great read because most people don’t know how their feet strike the ground!

  6. Man the choices are overwhelming. I have a high arch and have hip and back problems so I’m always looking for a comfy and affordable set. Thanks for the info.

  7. Great tips and useful facts for buying sneakers. I’m definitely pronation. Flat footed for sure so picking the right type of sneaker is very important to me. Even more so when it comes to gym sneakers.

  8. I suffer from tired and sore ankles. And now, new to me I have been experiencing heal pain. I just recently shopped for sneakers and tried on a lot of them. I hope that I made a good choice.

  9. Thanks for the wonderful sneaker tips! I’m flat footed and some make my feet hurt so bad, it’s the reason I stopped working out for a while.