Setting Sprays. Worth The Investment?

Setting sprays are a recent step that we women have added in our makeup routine. It is used to set all that hard work of ours till we want to remove it. It can be a very good tool to just blend all your makeup together without having any harsh lines on your face. Setting sprays come in different formulas for different skin types from drugstore to high end.

I think the whole concept of a setting spray is absolutely genius. It is not just important for photoshoots or models who wear a full face of makeup the entire day. It can be a really help for working women, mothers, students, women working outdoors etc. Features of a Setting Spray are listed below.

🔅 Setting Sprays are used after completely finishing your makeup. Usually in an “X” and “T” shape to cover all areas of your face.

🔅 It is adding another layer to your makeup without feeling heavy or cakey since it’s neither powder nor liquid.

🔅 Setting sprays comes in different formulas for different skin types for different purposes. Some can be for refreshing your makeup and some are to lock it in.

🔅 You can spray it on a sponge and used on areas that specifically need good makeup lock in like under your eyes.

 Setting Sprays

🔅 Evian Facial Spray can be a best buy for dry to normal skin. It is great for hydrating and refreshing your face and makeup.

🔅 NYX Setting Spray would be perfect for someone with normal to combination skin. It helps you look matte for the most part but can get streaky if not sprayed equally but it holds up very nice for the price. NYX has quite a few other setting sprays to choose from.

🔅 Mac Prep + Prime Fix+ is my personal favorite. For my combination skin it does the job perfectly by blending all my makeup while making it last longer. This is a perfect fit for my combination skin (oily T-Zone and dry cheeks and eye area) since the formula is neither too drying not too hydrating.

🔅 Urban Decay Setting Spray which is the ever so famous is absolutely great for extremely oily skin. People who are using layers of liquids (liquid foundation, cream blush and bronzer and liquid highlighter) can use this and relax for the entire day because it will hold all that makeup in place for hours. I have a combination skin so I tend to feel bit of a tightening on my skin once I spray this which results in my foundation being patchy.

🔅 Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finish Spray is your best bet if you get breakouts after using makeup. It not only make your whole look last long but prevent you from breaking out. I love this!

Setting sprays is a great investment although an extra step in your makeup routine but worth it.✅ Let me know in the comments below if you have used a setting spray and which one you like the best. Have a blessed day! xoxo

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