An At-Home Session With Blue Lights Wellness Dubai

Hey everyone. I hope everybody is having a great week especially with kids back to school after Spring Break. I think when my kids are in school and I get a little “me” time that what keeps me sane all day. Working out is my favorite thing to do followed by a healthy breakfast. I usually Google workouts that will help with my problem areas. Never had a Trainer with me at the gym UNTIL NOW.

I was so humble when the Founder of Blue Lights Wellness, Jeanina approached me for an at-home fitness session. Erin was my Practitioner for the day who is a Counsellor as well. We started off by talking about my lifestyle, meals, what I want to better in my life and health followed by a hardcore workout. You would assume that only diet and exercise is what Blue Lights Wellness offers but what intrigued me the most is that it’s an all-in-one stop for people with any health, mind, lifestyle, emotional and social issues.

Ideology of Blue Light Wellness Dubai:

Blue Lights Wellness firmly believes that our mind, body and soul is all interlinked together. When one of them is effected the rest follow. Makes complete sense! Jeanina is focusing on inner health and contentment which is always the cause of outer stress. Taking her clients away from prescribed medicines and pharmacies to healthier mind and lifestyle. I hear stories of people with eating disorders and alcohol abuse which is usually connected with a dark past or bullying. We tend to overcome our emotional stress by replacing it with something that is not only harmful for our body but it affects all other aspects of our life (relationships, career development, motivation of learning, being social).

Blue Lights Wellness Team:

Founder of Blue Lights Wellness has a team who can care for every need you may have. Jeanina herself is Masters in Psychology and is specialised in working with students, family, couples and individuals. Erin, who visited my home for a hardcore gym workout is available every Tuesday to go to women’s home for counselling and training. This is amazing for women who are going through postpartum depression, over-exhaustion due to house chores and small kids, even working women dealing with the pressure every day. They have a Nutritionist, Charlotte who can sort out your every day meals designed and altered just for you. With Ramadan coming up you can really be anxious about your diet plan which Charlotte can also assist you with.

I think it’s fantastic for Jeanina to bring in the concept of in-home counselling specifically for women. Blue Lights Wellness also offers counselling through Skype which means you can be in any country to benefit with this service. All contact information and their social media’s are listed below so you can easily book yourself a session.

Phone number: +971 4 243 2930


Sunday – Thursday: 10am to 8pm

Saturday: 11am – 6pm

IG: @bluelightsdubai

Hope this is helpful to anyone and everyone seeking help emotionally, physically and or mentally. We all go through tough times that are hard to talk about but those who face their problems upfront really are Brave and Strong!

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  1. This sounds like an amazing service. I wish we had something like this in LA. I love that they will come to your home; I think that’s a big step for people – getting out for help.

  2. I love that Blue Lights Wellness goes beyond diet and exercise and offers in-home counseling as well as offering counseling via Skype. I also firmly believe that our mind, body and soul is interlinked together. This is an awesome service for women seeking in-home counseling.

  3. Wow it’s such a great service. Im totally in to taking time out to relax and loving the wellbeing culture at the moment. So perfect that it’s aimed at women who generally forget to look after their own well being and handy that it’s available via Skype too!

  4. Great post! This sounds very interesting, I like how Blue-Light Wellness addresses health, mind, and lifestyle issues. I would love to have a professional trainer assist me in those area’s but more importantly I like that she do it in home or by skype! Sometimes we forget just how important those areas of our life are, so many of us are dealing with physical and emotional issues and it is always good to know there is a resource like Blue Lights Wellness.

  5. It is so wonderful that this organization is offering a combination of services not just diet/ excercise. Often, we need to combine many tools to achieve the positive outcome we desire. One size does not fit all!

  6. I too believe the same thing that Blue Lights Wellness believes about our mind, bodies, and souls. If one of these things is off the rest will be also. The concept of in-home counselling specifically for women is an important part to the Blue Light Wellness. Thanks for sharing the information and your experience.

  7. What a wonderful service. I love that it goes beyond just the basics and also provides in home care and support.

  8. What a great group to help keep balance. I have a hard time believing balance is possible, but when you break things apart you can find time to pay attention to each

  9. I am happy that Blue Lights Wellness offers its services in the comfort of your home. Some people who are battling stress or depression are not comfortable availing of this kind of therapy for fear that they might get branded as having mental issues which might cause them to lose their jobs. Blue Lights Wellness does seem to care for your overall health and well-being and no matter where you are in the world, you can still seek counseling from them through Skype!