Review: tartellete in bloom Amazonian clay palette

This eyeshadow is quickly becoming a favourite of many makeup gurus because of the matte eye shadows it offers. There is one that has all matte eye shadows but this one that I have has few shimmer shades too because I like my glitter.

Let’s review this eye shadow palette from my point of view:

🔅 Retails for Dhms 215 in Sephora ME. I got mine from @prettylittlethingsuae on Instagram.

🔅 It has a total of 12 eye shadows of which 9 eye shadows are matte and the rest are shimmery.

🔅 It has beautiful pinkish purple packaging with gold accents and a full size mirror.

🔅Net weight of 1.50 g of which each eye shadow weighs 0.053 Oz.

🔅 The eye shadows are extremely buttery and just glides on with minimum amount of blending needed. Extreme great quality!

🔅It’s compact and slim enough to be great for travelling. You can pull off a casual to glam look using just this palette.

🔅It’s a must have in my book ✅

Bottom to top: Charmer, flower child, funny girl, jetsetter

Bottom to top: smarty pants, sweetheart, rocker, firecracker

Bottom to top: rebel, smokeshow, activist, leader



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