First Impression + Review + Swatches of Kylie Lip Kit in Mary Jo K (Comparison to Colourpop Matte Liquid Lipstick)

I was holding back for so long to get Kylie Lip Kits since they were pricey and had such mixed reviews online. I got lucky with #DesertCartUAE and won a Kylie Lip Kit in the shade Mary Jo K and few other goodies from them and finally get to try this and give you my honest opinion.

Now let me be clear… I am not a fan of Kylie Jenner to begin with, hell I am not even a fan of The Kardashians. I just love their makeup and that’s about it. Keeping this in mind I didn’t have neither high hopes nor skeptics related to this product. Just pure curiosity! Although I got this for free, it retails for Dhms 120 (Kylie Liquid lipstick with matching lip liner).


The lip liner and lipstick comes in a sturdy packaging, very high-end. Despite the fail in the beginning when the brushes of these liquid lipsticks were all messed up. Kylie took notes and made the packaging a lot better. It comes with a brush applicator which I prefer anyways. It makes lipstick application easier in my opinion.

Review and Swatches:

🔅Let me put it out there it smells just like raspberry.

🔅 The lip liner is extremely creamy and just glides on like a MAC lip liner. Love it! I put on this liquid lipstick at 2pm in the afternoon right before going out for lunch.

🔅 The formula is quite runny and liquidy so I used THREE coats on my lips of Mary Jo K and it didn’t crack or felt very drying on the lips. It was a perfect match of matte without being an annoying texture on my lips.

🔅 I had Kylie Liquid Lipstick on for 7 hours straight, had lunch, spent the day out and it did NOT budge. By the end of the day it feathered out of my lips a little bit and that’s about it. You know how you wear a dark lip and the liquid lipstick leaves a stain on your lips until you exfoliate? Kylie Lipstick came off really easily without leaving a stain on my lips which I really appreciated.

🔅 Although it is a perfect dupe for LimeCrime Red Velvet. so if you already own LimeCrime then opt for a different shade in Kylie Lip Kit.

🔅 It has blue undertones which will make your teeth appear whiter.

Comparison to Colourpop:

I have a bunch of Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks which you can check out here. I’ve been wearing them for months now and let me tell you something. Whoever thought they are an exact dupe of Kylie Lipsticks is clearly an idiot.

🔅 The texture, formula, feel everything is different. I was wearing a bright red which can be not-so-forgiving with any mistakes.

🔅 Three coats of Kylie lipstick didn’t make it crack but one coat of Colourpop Liquid Lipstick comes off thick. Just so you know I didn’t apply three coats because it wasn’t pigmented but I had this problem with Colourpop and hated it which is why I just went for it.

Final Thoughts:

I absolutely loved Kylie Liquid lipstick and her lip liners too. Will be purchasing more of these for sure. ✅

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