New Year… New Me?

I’ve always wanted to put this out there… Facebook statuses made it look like an essay,¬†Twitter doesn’t allow more than 140 characters like wth! (somebody should do something about that now already). I feel like we do everything that media tells us to do… things that are accepted and repeated by everyone over and over again. Every December people make a list of their new year’s resolution to them it’s the beginning of a year where they can start brand new, this is the time when they will change what needs to be changed. My question is WHY? Why from 1st January? Why not a day before? Why not a month before?

Just because the calendar doesn’t show you the date of 1st January you will not start working out? Be more outgoing? Take more risks? We have enough people telling us what to do and now a calendar is running our lives too. Look at me! I started this blog on 22nd December… 9 days before New Year’s. I could have waited 9 more days not that I got a million views by now or loads of fans lol but NO. I got off my sofa and put my dream into a reality. I always wanted to have a blog and I was getting irritated by the fact that my own stupid mind kept coming in between my dreams. So I shut it up and did what I had to do. I had no clue how to design a website.. all the technical behind the scenes stuff but I learned, thanks to Youtube!

My question to you is… if you are not able to achieve few things this year would you wait till 1st January 2018 to do it? Sounds so dumb right? See even the girl in the picture is confused about your decisions. Make everyday your “first day of the year” and do what you have to do Right Now, Today. Peace! xoxo

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