Review + Swatches – Nars Blushes

Blushes, if used the right shade can either make you look more youthful or old or glammed up or natural. I really believe a blush plays an important role in your makeup routine. I f you want to know about my most used Nars blushes then keep on reading.

Blushes are always a great investment in my opinion. You can go cray cray with these since you are getting 3 uses out of one product. I have multiple blushes that I just don’t like as a blush but love as eye shadows. If they are matte they can make a beautiful crease or blending eye shadow. Too much glitter or shimmer in a blush? Use them on the top of your lipstick. Nars blushes are very good quality and well pigmented. Currently I own 7 Nars blushes.

🔅 Price: Dhms 200. Prices may vary.

🔅 Bought them from Souq since Nars wasn’t available in Sephora back then.

Starting with the lighter shades. Gilda is a typical peachy, nude shade that screams spring to me for some reason. It will look perfect with burgundy and brown eye shadows that are trending these days. It makes it all balanced out and soft. I love this shade when I want to look natural yet pretty!


Mata Hari is my most used blush in the bunch. It is a very rosy pink shade that gives a youthful look to my face. It brings softness and makes me look awake. So when my face looks otherwise (which is most of the time) this is the blush  I go for. Love it! Absolute must have!✅


Desire (here) is a bit too strong for me personally. I’ve tried going extremely light handed with this blush but it still comes off strong on my complexion. It sort of look neon to me so if that’s your thing then go for it. Personally I’ve hardly used this blush EVER.


Dolce Vita as beautiful as this looks in the pan it looks like a bruise on my face. Sadly the color doesn’t go well with my complexion and makes my face looks bruised. Everytime I’ve used this I regretted it after a second because my whole makeup looks like I am in a movie doing a fight scene. Not my favourite!❌


Orgasm! As people went bananas on this blush it makes me look like a disco ball. Too much shimmer for my taste but don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful shade but for me as an eye shadow not as a blush. Please don’t hate me!!! Check this blush here.


Torrid (here) is a beautiful peachy shade with gold specs in it. It is a bit darker than Gilda but not too over powering. I love it for a night out since the gold specs look gorgeous when the light hits your face. Very beautiful.


Taos is the deeper version of Torrid, more orangy. Looks great with a light hand.

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