Live Photoshopping? My Thoughts On Wayne Goss Youtube Video

Photoshopping has become incredibly common, expected and accepted in our society nowadays. The level of sophistication we have in editing photos and manipulating reality is unbelievable. This blog post is my thoughts to a recent video of published by Wayne Goss, a Youtuber and makeup artist.

Photoshopping pictures originally started from the magazines where they showed off a celebrity, perfect and flawless. This trend caught up on Instagram by using filters and tools (perfect your skintone, change eye color, fix blemishes and even add makeup to a picture). Now this tool is available for moving images which is called “Live Photoshop”. Wayne Goss, who is a UK-based makeup artist published an eye-opening video on 27th January 2017 here. He explained how “a” makeup artist is manipulating her videos by using live photoshopping. That video is like any other makeup tutorial where her magic transforms their client into a goddess before your eyes. Apparently she was using a digital filter on her videos that lead to believe that her makeup skills and apparently the products mentioned can transform her client. Basically lying!

Wayne Goss, who I have been subscribed to his Youtube channel for years now, realised something was not right. Whenever she brought the product closer to the camera the “filter” on the model didn’t work and showed what she was actually looking like. When this happened multiple times he realised it wasn’t the magic of makeup or her skills that was transforming the model but a filter on top of the video. Wayne has shown the digital filter in action in his own video. Below are the images proving a drastic change in skin texture and complexion

Natural Lighting


Ring Lighting


Live Photoshopping

Can you believe the difference it creates?

Final Thought

🔅 The reason of writing this blog post is not to focus how “a” makeup artist is lying and manipulating but to tell you that it made me feel incredibly good inside.

🔅 I thought maybe my makeup skills weren’t good enough or maybe I wasn’t using enough expensive products to achieve “that” look. The truth is no amount of high end makeup can make me look like that celebrity on the magazine, or that model on Instagram and now a makeup tutorial video on youtube.

🔅 It is humanly impossible to look like someone in a magazine, Instagram and now videos.

🔅Young girls out there looking at videos DO NOT believe what you see. Live videos can be manipulated too and it’s okay if you and I DO NOT look perfect. It’s okay to look HUMAN.


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