My Favorite Face & Body Exfoliator

There was a time when you wouldn’t be called a Beauty Guru if you didn’t own 3-4 exfoliators. One for your body, two for your face, one for your feet, one for your neck… I also got sucked into the hype and tried a bunch of expensive and drugstore exfoliates. If you want to know my current favorites for face and body then keep on reading.

For Face:

I have combination skin and after trial and error I love the St. Ives Green Tea Exfoliator. It has the right size of beads not too big (harsh on sensitive skin) and not to small (hardly any exfoliation). It has green tea which is good for my acne prone skin and gentle. It dissolves while you keep adding water to it.✅


For Body:

The day I used Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub I have never looked back. I did try few other’s you know to “try something new”. But nothing compares to this. Usually exfoliators are either really good or really bad due to the sizing of their beads. They can make a scrub harsh on the skin or make it do nothing at all. The size of sugar in this scrub is perfection. This also dissolves while mixing it with water. It smells divine which is a bonus.✅


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