Basics: Importance Of Moisturising Your Body

Hello everyone. I hope you’re having a great day! Let us begin with some beauty basics. We all want youthful and firm skin but do you know how to achieve that? We pay so much attention to our faces with moisturisers, eye creams, good quality makeup but we hardly pay attention to the rest of our body. Skin which is the biggest organ should be well taken care of.

Skin elasticity really depends on body moisturising. After a certain age your body is making less oils so compensation is key. I’ve always had very dry skin growing up that doesn’t mean that my face skin was dry to. I have oily skin but my body skin is like least bothered to produce any oils by itself. So to overcome that I’ve always used body lotions but after moving to Dubai I had to opt for Body Butters and body oils since being in air-condition all the time made my skin even dyer and scaly. Now being a mom of two kids didn’t make any of this process easy which is why I have also used Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser to save me some time. If that’s not your thing you can always go for oils or creams.


Body Oils:

🔅Less is required which is why body oils last longer.

🔅 It keeps your skin moisturised till you shower again. So re-application is not required.

🔅Some oils might give you a sticky feeling on the skin but you can pick and choose which one you like and prefer.

🔅 Takes sometime in absorbing into the skin.

🔅 Bio Oil and Johnson’s Baby oil is a good a cheap option for body oils.

🔅Bio Oil (here), Johnson’s Baby Oil (any pharmacy).

 Body Lotion/Butters:

🔅More is required which takes more time and quantity of the product.

🔅 Re-application might be required especially in winter seasons.

🔅 Doesn’t leave skin with a sticky feeling.

🔅Takes sometime to absorb into the skin.

🔅A generous amount is required to keep my body moisturised.

🔅CeraVe and Cetaphil are my favourite. They are less greasy and non sticky on the skin. I don’t have to reapply them which saves me time.

🔅Cetaphil Cream(here) CeraVe Lotion (here), Soap & Glory Body Butter (Boots Pharmacy).

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