Magic In A Bottle – For Acne and Evening Skintone

Have I said already that I have oily and acne prone skin?? Lol, this is like my only and biggest struggle in terms of skincare. I have been dealing with acne all the way back from my teens. Trying out different products from time to time is how I deal with it. Since I notice my skin gets used to a product and just doesn’t show results after few months.

I love wearing makeup but that means to have a flawless skin. My acne doesn’t make it any better. So skin care is everything to me. A drugstore foundation can look fabulous on a clear skin rather than a high-end foundation on acne filled skin. Recently, I have been more focused on the ingredients than product hype. So I can tell which ingredients my skin responds to much better than others.

I heard quite much about Pixi Glow Tonic but never got sucked into the hype. How much benefit can I get from a tonic that I swipe on my face anyways? When I started looking for key ingredients for skin healing I came across Glycolic Acid. It is an exfoliant that peels off dead skin cells gently while resurfacing new and improved skin texture. Hence, less pigmentation and dark spots from my acne. My search for this ingredient brought me to Pixi Glow Tonic and I didn’t waste a second to get my hands on it.

As soon as I started using it my skin was improving drastically. My acne was getting a lot better and my skin texture was improving. I thought to myself all this from glycolic acid? I got carried away and ordered Mario Badescu Glycolic acid Toner and started using that but didn’t see any difference. The acne was coming and the skin texture was not getting better.

Looking further into ingredients in Pixi Glow Tonic I realized it’s the witch hazel my skin was loving and making my acne go away while the glycolic acid was renewing and improving my skin texture. It really is magic in a bottle. Even though you swipe it all on your face with a cotton pad and proceed with moisturizer or serum. Still, it showed an enormous change in my skin. I can tell if I don’t use it one night. I love it and highly recommend it.✅ Get your bottle HERE.

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