LVL (Length, Volume, Lift) From Browz

Hey guys I am really excited to write my whole experience on Lash lifting that I recently got done at Browz. Browz is the first salon that specializes in Microblading, Semi Permanent makeup, lash lifting and lash extension. I decided to try the LVL to see if it’s even worth the hype and I al loving the result.

I went in on the 17th of August to get my lashes done at Browz (The Mall, Jumeirah). Even though I was a bit late but they were very sweet and understanding to my situation. I was told on the phone while taking my appointment that it is a 45 minutes session which it really was. Very Quick! The effect of the treatment lasts for 4-6 weeks if the necessary precautions are taken.


There were no precautions needed before the LVL treatment besides not have any makeup on your eyes.

  1. After my LVL treatment I have to keep my eye area away from water for 24 hours.
  2. I am not suppose to use oils (cleanser, facial) on my eyes at any cost otherwise the treatment will not hold.


This 45 minutes treatment cost Dhms 390.


First my eyelids was covered with glue and my lashes were glued to it. Don;t worry nothing in this process hurts. After that the specialist used a creamy texture on the roots of my eye lashes to straighten them completely out. This will give more result once the lashes are curled as appose to lash perming where the lashes are permed with straightening them hence losing the length. This was done for 15 minutes.

  1. Then my lashes were coated with a curling serum for 10 minutes. This time varies from person to person depending on how straight or downward facing lashes you have. For me she suggested 10 minutes but for people with good curly lashes can keep it for 6 minutes.
  2. The third step was putting a moisturizer on my lashes to give me volume.
  3. After removing the moisturizer from my lashes she put on dark blue paste which was suppose to tint my lashes in jet black.



You can get more information on LVL and other treatments on their website BROWZ.

It’s been a solid 4 weeks since I got this treatment done and I gotta tell you I love my eyes without any makeup on and that is HUGE. I have small eyes to begin with so crease and under eye eyeshadow and mascara was my best friend. But today I can go out with a light coverage foundation with some eyebrow powder, blush, lipstick and I feel fabulous. My eyes look more awake and open which is kindda the whole point of LVL. I didn’t see any excessive shedding of my eye lashes after the treatment which is GREAT! Nowadays I am flirting with the idea of MicroBlading and getting those fluffy brows from Browz to cut out another makeup hassle from my routine.

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