Life Saver Tool Before Buying Any Product

Hey everyone. I hope summers are going cool and chill for you. Keep yourself hydrated people. Recently, I had a revolution when I found out about this website that will tell you if the product you are buying will give you acne, redness, irritation or if it’s not safe.

So I was watching a YouTube video and there this girl told about the website CosDNA and it allows you to search any products out their in the beauty industry and find how safe and effective it is.

How The Website Works

  1. The website URL takes you to this page given below. The search bar allows you to type in a product name and hit Find Cosmetic and it takes you to another page. FYI you can search for makeup and skin care on this website.
  2. This page tells you the ingredient research done within the last couple of years. You can click on the most recent date and year given to check out the latest research about that beauty product.
  3. Which brings us to the magical page of all the ingredients discussed separately showing a total of five columns.

🔅 The name of the ingredient.

🔅 What the ingredient is for.

🔅Will it cause acne.

🔅 Will it cause irritation.

🔅Is it safe to use.

If you want to search for a specific ingredient you can do that too under the “Ingredients” tab. You can type multiple while using “Enter” in between each. Makes it a lot easier and faster.

After going through this website with all my skincare products. It turns out I have everything that causes acne. Apparently products that’s are suggested for acne products like Neutrogena, Clean & Clear etc they all had ingredients that may cause acne and if not that then irritation, which can also lead to acne. This revolution has opened up my eyes. Instead of just buying things because of their product claims I first check this website and then be sure if a product is really for my skin. I have saved lots of money and plan to do so in the future.

It’s a super helpful and to the point website. Hope you guys benefit from this website too and save yourself from being robbed by all these fancy names, brands and claims. Have a great week! xoxo


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