If You Could Splurge On Any 1 Makeup Product

You all can tell by now being on a budget is like a problem for me but years of trial and error has made me make a few good decisions. Here I will guide you which product you should be willing to spend more than others. These days highlighting, bronzing, contouring, strobing has broken our banks most of the people including me assume that expensive means better. In some of the cases it is true but you can pick and choose your battles smartly in buying makeup like a ninja.

From years of getting sucked into the sparkly banners and mesmerizing advertising I have made a good share of buying things that I didn’t use after just one time probably because it didn’t suit my skin, the color was wrong, it was chalky, not pigmented enough or whatever the reason maybe. I know what you’re thinking who idiot would pass up a deal like mascara, eye pencil and a cosmetic bag in Dhms 69. I will!!!!!!

Let me tell you why! Recently drugstore brands which include all the makeup brands we see in Carrefour, Hyperpanda, Lulu Supermarket etc have amazing new collection coming out. Maybelline have the best lipsticks, mascaras and concealers. Wet’n’Wild have very nicely pigmented eye shadows. Nyx is best for their eye liners, eye pencils, bronzer, highlighter and even brow products. The point is you can find one great product from every brand but if you know what I suggest investing in?

Foundation! The base, the thing you put all over your face for hoursthat get absorbed in your skin. Your face has to deal with all the dirt around you, sweat, scratching, heat or extreme cold,sun damage everything! Sure there are options in the drugstore and if you can find a good match for you then great but if you found a good match in high end makeup brands then there is no turning back. I can guarantee you! I’ve had foundations look patchy, chalky or it looks like it’s sitting on the skin and just doesn’t want to blend. My absolute favourite after being told by people that “your foundation looks terrible” is IT Cosmetics CC Cream which technically is not a foundation but it’s better. It has SPF 50+ UVA/UVB Zinc Oxide and has anti ageing ingredients so you’re doing a favour to your skin while wearing makeup. Sounds good to me! I don’t go full coverage with this stuff since I have oily skin and the more I put on my face the more oil my skin produce. This CC cream has the most amazing finish even though it doesn’t come in a ton of shade range. If u get a shade that is closer to your skin that will do too since it blends in like a dream and looks like skin.

Which foundation do you absolutely love and is your holy grail? Comment below and let me know. Have a blessed day! xoxo




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