HudaBeauty Textured Eyeshadow Palette Rose Gold Edition – Review + Swatches

When you take a leap of faith with a makeup product that half of you wants it and the other half says you are never going to use it. That is how I felt buying HudaBeauty Textured Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette. I’m a huge fan of Huda Kattan and follow all her social media yet seeing mixed reviews of this product really got me wondering if I really want to make that investment.

I have been into luxurious skincare lately so I was pretty much broke. Still, managed to get my hands on this palette because it was turning into an obsession. I will be reviewing, swatching and giving my honest opinions about HudaBeauty Textured Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette. It retailed for Dhms 240 when it launched but now being sold for up to Dhms 300 and more. You can get your hands on it at Sephora here.

First of all, the word “textured” in the title needs to be understood completely. The palette and Huda herself suggests using fingertips to use textured shadows on your eyelids which are a total of 6 (#Blessed, Dubai, Fling, 24k, Rose Gold, Trust Fund). 2 are shimmery, pearly texture (Angelic, Moon Dust). The rest of the 10 eyeshadows are matte eyeshadows. Flamingo and Maneater, in particular, comes off as a bit chalky in my opinion and needs 2-3 swipes to get some color payoff.

Starting off with the fun part of this eyeshadow palette. The textured eyeshadows are a very interesting, unique formula that has a look of foiled eyeshadows. My two cents on the textured eyeshadows is summed up below:

The Good:

    • Textured Eyeshadows in this palette are insanely pigmented and reflective when it hits the lighting.
    • You don’t have to use Mac Fix+ and sprays to bring out the pigmentation.
    • A little bit goes a very long way.
    • They look stunning on.

The Bad:

  • They cannot and will not apply with a brush. You have to use your fingers to bring out the pigmentation on your eyelids.
  • They are a little tricky to work with. The few times that I used the textured formula I realized is that to bring the pigmentation out on your eyelids these textured eyeshadows use the warmth of your fingers. Once they are warm one swipe of it gives out an insane amount of pigmentation. The first time I used it my hands were pretty cold and I wasn’t very happy with the application. But my perspective completely changed the second time I used it (my hands were warm).

My opinion on the HudaBeauty Rose Gold Eyeshadow in General:

The Good:

  • You get an amazing combination and variety of eyeshadows in the palette that can be used to create tons of different look.
  • Eyeshadows have very good pigmentation in my opinion.

The Bad:

  • It might be a no-no for many people to use their fingers to use the shadows. For me, it’s absolutely no worries. Most people are bothered by this factor.
  • The textured eyeshadows accentuate the lines and wrinkles on top of your eyelids. I never thought this was possible but the foiled/3D formula tends to enhance that feature.
  • Just this little aspect of the packaging bothers me. You know how palettes fold the top cover behind the palette and you are easy to hold them in one hand. The top lid of this eyeshadow palette doesn’t do that and it bugs me so much. I feel like the palette will slip off my hands. Eeeekkkk!


I think Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette is a very unique formula based palette that can be a valuable product in your makeup collection. The textured eyeshadows can be an amazing formula for a night out. It will look mesmerizing when lights hit it. Also if you are a tan girl like me color payoff from even a good eyeshadow palette is hard to get since we need to pack on more. But with this palette, it’s one swipe and BAM! I highly recommend it to everyone who appreciates creativity and uniqueness in makeup. ✅

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