HudaBeauty Mini Liquid Lipstick – Pink Edition

I wish the trend for liquid lipsticks never ever goes out of fashion. I love it. Liquid Lipsticks are long wearing, they don’t smudge, don’t smear, you can eat like an animal and care the least. I first bought Bombshell from HudaBeauty and loved the shade. So I opted for the mini liquid lipstick set to get a feel for all the colors.

HudaBeauty Liquid Lipsticks range for $20 at Sephora and their mini sets will cost you $33 for 4. This to me was a pretty good bargain considering I have never run out of a lipstick in my life… well just once! But that was a sample size.


  • In comparison to other liquid lipsticks, HB is more liquidy and watery when you first apply it. They take a good minute or two to completely dry but still are not drying like ColourPop ones.
  • They are the cheapest in Sephora as most of the liquid lipsticks range for Dhms 120 and above.
  • HB has all sorts of fun, girly, nudes and bright colors in her liquid lipstick range leaving no skin tone behind.

Pink Edition:


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