HudaBeauty Desert Dusk Palette – First Impressions And Comparison With HB Rose Gold Palette

Hiiiiiiii guys. OMG, this is so exciting for me. HudaBeauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette was launched 18th September 2017 globally and I didn’t wait for a second to get my hands on it. I have used her Rose Gold Textured Eyeshadow and love it so I knew I won’t be out of a hundred dirhams for nothing.

Comparison With HB Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette:

  • Just like the previous palette by HudaBeauty, #DesertDuskPalette consists of 18 eyeshadows WITH a mirror. Her previous palette didn’t have one and people were not happy about it.
  • The packaging is luxurious and fabulous more than the #RoseGoldEyeshadowPalette. It feels more sturdy and classy.
  • They both have the same quantity of eyeshadows which is 12 M.
  • One eyeshadow Angelic is a repeat in the new Desert Dusk Palette. So technically you get 17 new shades.
  • They both retail for Dhms 250 and $65 in stores.

8 Matte Eyeshadows:

They are a total of 8 matte eyeshadows Desert Sand, Musk, Eden, Amber, Oud, Amethyst, Saffron and Blazing. In my opinion, they are a bit more velvety than the matte eyeshadows in HB Rose Gold Palette. In her previous palette, some were blotchy and took time to build their color. But I had no such issues with matte eyeshadows in this palette.

6 Pressed Pearls Eyeshadows:

Blood Moon swatched like a dream. OMG, it is extremely buttery and velvety. I just got goosebumps after swatching it. It has a foiled finish that will blind people at night. It is a pressed pearl along with Nefertiti, Royal, Cashmere, Angelic and Turkish Delight. They have a satin sheen to them in the light that I am loving.

3 Duo Chrome Eyeshadow Toppers:

Retrograde has an interesting duo chrome effect to it. The base is a burgundy color with unicorn iridescent. Celestial is a gold-based eyeshadow topper with peach peaking through it in some lights. Twilight is a pretty lavender color that is sheer yet it will show through a Matte eyeshadow. They all have a 3D effect going on. Interesting!

1 Glitter Eyeshadow:

Cosmo is a chunky glittery shade. This will naturally have a bit more fallout so use an eyeshadow glue.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, I think this palette is a lot better in quality than her first palette. She took all the criticism and used it to better her new palette. The shadows are something that you can enjoy from a daytime look to a full glam night time look. I feel like they all work perfectly together and you can carry this one palette to anywhere and get a good, complete eye look.

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