How I Lost 20 kgs

Let me shed some light on my weight.. I was always very petite growing up those girls you hate who can eat McDonalds after McDonalds and don’t gain a pound. Yes! I was her. After having 2 kids the society made it easier on me to be overweight. If you don’t know already us Pakistani’s take child birth as a way to eat whatever we want, whenever we want, as much as we want and have the comfort of giving birth almost a year and a half ago as an excuse. That’s exactly what I was doing. I was so comfortable being unhealthy.

Until my mom visited me and gave me the lecture of my life and slapped me back into reality. I was waaayyy overweight for my height, my youngest one was a year old and I had dessert after every meal, even breakfast. My mom made my husband realised how it will effect my health when I grow old.. actually I still exactly don’t know how my mom terrorised my husband in getting me into VLCC (Dubai). That place is quite pricey in comparison to a regular gym and trainer. I started VLCC from October 2014 till the first week of January 2015. I had a consultation with the dietician there who basically asked me whatever I am eating, how much I’m eating and when I am eating it. My BMI was taken and according to that how much I should weigh that will be healthy to my body. Basically, my diet was cut in half because I was eating way too much than I should and need. I was given small meals every few hours so my metabolism is healthy. For the first week of starting my diet I hated my dietician, an evil person who left me for starving. But right after one week I didn’t feel weak or starvation in my diet plan. I guess my stomach just stopped nagging and went with the flow. I had no cheat days just eat whatever was told and have subway if I am out. Not a lot of fun!

VLCC promised me to lose 3 kgs during this 3 months session (3 days in a week) but I lost 5 kgs. The rest I lost by sticking to my diet and exercise plan after leaving VLCC (10-11 months in total to loose 20 kgs). I know many of you must be like just 5 kgs in 3 months.. that’s it? Mind you I gained that weight in 9 months of pregnancy and few months post pregnancy. If someone says they can make you lose 10-20 kgs in 2-3 months. Run!!! Run far away! Those places make you starve, exercise more than your body can take… they do something that is damaging to your body in long term. They will give you results but those results will be gone as soon as you go back to your normal diet. Why? When we go on a “crash diet” our body believes it’s in the state of food drought. It automatically starts losing fat but once you go back to your diet and normal routine your body starts storing fat for future drought that may occur. That’s your body’s survival instinct which is why many people complain that they’ve gained even more weight than they lost in the first place.

Losing weight is a time consuming process if you want long term results. I was 20 kgs less in December 2015 and now I eat everything and anything in controlled portions while exercising and still maintaining my weight. I would highly recommend VLCC to anyone because they just didn’t make me lose 5 kgs but they made me aware of how much I should be eating. I can see a meal and tell if this will help me maintain my weight, make me gain more or let me lose some pounds. I am aware of food calories now which helps me in this process. Let me tell you something.. you need to be consistent and stable with your routine. If you keep going back to your normal diet or keep having cheat days and expect to lose weight.. well you can’t. My diet plan was somewhat as below:

Breakfast: At 8:30am and included 1 boiled egg, 2 plain wholemeal bread slices and one cup of tea with one tablespoon of honey/sugar. Apparently it doesn’t matter which one you take since honey and sugar are both equal in calories but effects differ if you are diabetes.

Lunch: Bowl of fresh cut up salad, a small portion of low fat yogurt, 1 small chapati/half of tandoori roti with grilled chicken the size of my palm/lentil soup/mushroom soup.

Snacks: 3:30pm an Apple, 5pm green tea with lemon

Dinner: Pretty much same as my lunch followed by 250 ml of low fat milk since I am used to having warm milk before bedtime.






If you’ve lost a lot already and do want cheat meals then eat that in breakfast or lunch time so it gets properly digested since eating unhealthy or too much in dinner is not used up because you will go to bed in an hour or so and it will be stored as fat in your body. I was sleeping at 12am in those days and was advised by my dietician to eat at 8pm sharp. Almost 4-5 hours before bedtime. So you can calculate as to when you should be done with your dinner.

Losing weight is a difficult and tiring process but remember you are doing it for you and your kids. So they can have healthy parents and an example of taking healthy meals. What you put on the table to eat determines how healthy you and your kids will be after 10 years. Be Strong and Stay Strong!! xoxo

VLCC Website:

Disclaimer: Due to the chances of judgment and comparison I am not mentioning my weight when I started and how much I weigh right now. Everybody’s height and body shape is different. This is the job of a professional to tell how much you should weigh to be healthy and strong. Consultation with a professional Doctor and Dietician will tell you your ideal weight. All of the above tips are my personal observations and experiences.


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