Hoodie Mania

We all love us some hoodies and pull overs in Dubai🇦🇪 during the winters. Now that they are trending, it just makes it more justifiable to buy some more and look like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 4 (hey! that rhymed). Even when you’re indoors the malls are extremely chilly so this might be a good investment for you all year-long. You can go to the pricey side and get Adidas or Nike but Max Fashion, Splash even Carrefour carries them especially during the winters. The best part about this is you can even shop in the boys section and vice versa since you can hardly tell if it’s only for girls/boys.

All three hoodies from Carrefour for Dhms 20, bought a year ago and they are still going strong!

You can pair them with some basic black leggings or switch it up with some light wash skinny jeans.

Play with different colors and keep your bottoms simple and plain this will give your outfit some personality and make it less boring.🌈

Have a blessed day everyone. xoxo





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