Halal Nail Polish – LYN Review

Being a Muslim and praying five times a day, you know nail polishes are a dream to us all. Since it becomes a barrier on the nails during Ablution so I always avoid it… but not anymore! I came across LYN nail polishes almost 9 months ago and was in awe.

So the concept behind LYN (Love Your Nails) is the nail polishes are breathable. Air and water can go through them not only allowing us to be able to pray but let our nails breathe. These nail polishes are certified by the Government of U.A.E. for being Halal which I have read and seen myself.

I got so excited with the concept and colors that bought a bunch of them on the spot. I have yet to buy few more from their collection. You don’t have to worry about yellow nails since this was a repercussion of wearing regular nail polishes that don’t allow air to pass through. LYN comes in a total of 50 colors and constantly keep bringing out new colors every season.

I’m in love with the concept and brand with their long wearing nail polishes without noticing any difference from a regular O.P.I or Essie nail polish. Love it and recommended✅

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