Review – GlamGlow Mask Treatment Set

Hello ya’ll! Hope everyone is having a good February. I was lucky enough to get GlamGlow mask treatment set sample sizes from my Sephora Loyalty Card Program since these things are EXPENSIVE. This post will be my first impressions and review for the 3 masks PowerMud Dual Cleanse Treatment, YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment and FLASHMUD Brightening Treatment.

POWERMUD™  Dual Cleanse Treatment

This was the first treatment I used in the set and absolutely loved it. It claims to deep cleanse to remove build up and gunk in your pores. Although it doesn’t say anything about making your acne better but that’s what I saw after using it for the first time. I have combination and acne prone skin. I had a couple of acne coming out and already there when I used this and I swear to God it made my acne get better to an extent of 80%. My skin texture was a lot smoother, less bumpy, less texture. If you want to buy a Mask Treatment for good skin texture, clean pores and acne solution then definitely this one is my recommendation.✅ Get a full size of POWERMUD Dual Cleanse Treatment for Dhms 398 on Souq.

YOUTHMUD®  Tinglexfoliate Treatment

This mask was not new to me since I’ve used an entire tub of YouthMud mask when these first launched. Since it is targeted towards acne prone skin that’s all I wanted to know to buy this. It is a slower process of fixing your acne and using it once weekly made my skin dryer. I had to exfoliate more than usual so if you have really extreme acne I would suggest try using a sample before getting an entire tub. It was causing me few other problems before it actually started fixing my acne. This is ideal for extremely oily and acne prone skin. Makes your skin dryer than usual which leads you to exfoliate more and making skin texture scaly and bumpy. This shows results after a good one month of weekly use. Honestly, you can find many cheap dupes for this mask in Lush and Korean Skincare Brands for quarter of the price. Full size tub of YouthMud Mask retails for Dhms 257 on Souq.


FLASHMUD®  Brightening Treatment

FlashMud Brightening Treatment mask was my least favorite and didn’t impress me much. It can be a good face mask for people with extremely dry skin since it’s quite hydrating and moisturising. Since I have acne prone skin moisturising skin treatments tend to clog my pores resulting in acne. People with dry skin or constant travellers who are in dire need of a hydration mask then this is your best bet. 


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