DMGM Photo Fix Lip Colors

Hey there everyone. Hope you all are doing well and ready for the weekend. Makeup has been more about the lips these days then anything else so I figured why not do a post on these affordable lip colors before you break your bank with buying Kylie Lipsticks or Kat Von D. These lip colors are from DMGM (Discover the Mark of Glamorous Makeup) which is not a very popular brand nor have I ever heard anyone online talk about it but I discovered it through a friend of mine who kept raving about their Lip Colors. Her claims were that it was very long lasting and pigmented which was a huge deal since Matte Liquid Lipsticks were no where in the market at that point. So having a lipgloss packaging with a formula of lipstick that is long lasting and not drying was very intriguing to me. Obviously I checked it out and bought 5 lip colors at once (don’t judge).

🔅You can find DMGM Cosmetics in Mishael Gallery at Deira City Center and Xpressions in Dubai and Sharjah.

🔅DMGM Photo Fix Lip Colors retail for Dhms 48. They can go upto Dhms 35 if on sale.

🔅Currently they come in 18 different shades along with different formulas including matte, gloss and metallic.

🔅Their website is here.

Italian Rose

Italian Rose is my most worn and ultimate favorite shade in all the lip colors I own and I own quite a few. When I don’t want to worry about what to wear on my lips this is what I always go for. It matches every makeup look that I wear everyday. It makes me look fresh, young and done! You know what I mean when it seems like you’ve put a lot of thought and time in your makeup but you haven’t. This is a must-have.✅

Fuschia Bite

Fuschia Bite is a bright pink color. You can mix it with a nude color to tone down the shade or wear it alone. It works well with my tan complexion so I really like it. It can come off as neon on some people so for those who don’t prefer brighter shades won’t reach out for this one.

Bahama Spice

Bahama Spice is that greyish, mauvy shade who is everybody crazy about. Many high end brands have come out with this color for twice the price. So definitely check this out.

Plum Frost

Plum Frost is an amazing, beautiful deep plum and burgundy lip color. It is absolutely stunning on and is my winter must have lipstick. I love this.❤️✅

Crimson Craze

Crimson Craze is a typical red color with blue undertones which again compliments tan skintone like mine and will make your teeth look white. Must-have.✅

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