Disabled iPhone

This week I realised life is possible without my iPhone since it got disabled due to a bug or like my brother suggests “got hacked”. It was just one fine afternoon when I was watching a YouTube video and went outside the room for a quick house chore. When I came back and tried unlocking my iPhone 6s it said the passcode was incorrect.

TRAGEDY!!!!! After several attempts the phone locked itself for an hour and I had no option than to watch the birds fly outside and listen to the traffic at home. Horrible! I know. Along the way I realized few things as to how much addicted and dependant I am for my phone. I hardly remember any numbers of my friends. I just remember the numbers of my parents and husband. That’s a total of 3 numbers! All my data, my budget, passwords, reminders is saved on my phone. Without it I was like a lost puppy.

For the first few hours my breathing was effected with a little blurry vision. I didn’t know what to do without my iPhone in my hand. Someone might be Whatsapping me? Maybe they sent me a Facebook message. The anxiety of not knowing anything that was going on social media was driving me crazy till my kids got me busy with them. Soon I was distracted with house chores and taking my kids out for Football.

After a couple of hours I started feeling relieved and free from the social networking burden I have taken over myself. I could breathe deeply and freely without my mind racing a million times in a second. I just stopped and looked around! That feeling… that moment was beautiful.

Can you imagine ten years ago someone writing their experience about not having a phone with them? Things have changed this was the best accidental detox I had from Social Media and I loved it.

Have a blessed day! xoxo

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  1. I’ve had to live without my iPhone for this week too because it was stolen and it didn’t end so well for me. Mainly because I was in a different country without any way of contacting anyone or being able to tell the time… or a map.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. As it turned out to be a good experience for me it can be a nightmare for someone who has an emergency or is out of the country :/