Cleansing Oil 101

Hey there. Today I am bringing a really important topic to discuss today in my blog post. Oils can be an extremely scary thing especially if you deal with acne and have oily skin, to begin with. Science uses a reverse tactic to deal with both of the problems. We will talk about cleansing oils and how they can be beneficial in your skincare regimen.

I first came across a Youtube video about cleansing oils by Michelle Phan and how they are extremely good. Korean skincare has these around for years but American skincare has also incorporated cleansing oils in their skincare lines.

Cleansing Oil is basically an oily texture that is for removing your makeup. This goes right before washing your face with a cleanser. Cleansing Oils breaks down your makeup (waterproof) in a gentler way. You can massage it onto your skin and give yourself a mini facial while you are at it. It’s a thousand times better than makeup wipes which tug and pull onto your skin specifically your eye area. Leading onto wrinkles and fine lines in the future. Once the oil breaks down all the makeup you can run your hands under water and massage it mixed with water. This instantly gives it a milky consistency making the massage easier. Rinse and pat it dry.

After doing this I like to go in with my Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle solution on a cotton pad and give it another cleanse. Now that I am feeling completely makeup free, I use a face wash and follow with my skincare regimen. The difference that I have seen by doing these steps is I get far much fewer acne breakouts than I was. This is my goal for even having and investing into skincare. Whatever goes on top whether that is an essence, serum and moisturizer it absorbs better into my skin giving me a full benefit.

For people who want to go completely organic Olive Oil can also be an excellent cleansing oil. I have used Face Shop Rice Cleansing Oil before and really liked it. Once I ran out I really missed using a cleansing oil which is why I bought DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. It has extremely good ratings on the internet and to be honest is a tad bit better than the Face Shop one. I love it and absolutely recommend it.✅

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