Birthday Freebies in Dubai

Let’s talk about the important things here. Freebies that we can get our hands on here in Dubai on your BIRTHDAY. I just came to know about these things exactly 10 days after my birthday. Lucky me! But this blog post is to tell everyone  how to cash being old every year. There is a silver lining to everything. You just gotta look hard and close… very close!

You know I am all about the free stuff, especially in Dubai. I just don’t know how Dirhams get spent here. So here are few things I found that will not cost you a dime to do in Dubai on your Birthday.

Free Aquaventure Entry:

This implies when you have your birthday registered in their system beforehand. Spend an entire day in Aquaventure for free. I have also read they give you a free entry on your birthday week instead of that one day. 

Hard Rock Cafe:

Get a free ice cream cupcake on your birthday at Hard Rock Cafe.


Spoil yourself with a Frozen Hot Chocolate (does anyone even know what that is) in Serendipity3, Dubai Festival City as dessert when you order a meal. Although this is only limited to 31st May 2017.

Pizza Hut:

Blow a candle on a slice of cookie cake at Pizza Hut on your birthday absolutely free.

Nando’s U.A.E.:

Get a combo meal for FREE at Nando’s on your birthday. I love Nando’s.


Are you ready for this. Get a free pizza of your choice at Eataly on your birthday. It is an exquisite Italian Restaurant.

Kindly note that you might have to inform before hand about your birthday to avail any of these offers. So be smart and make the call now. Have a fun-filled week. xoxo


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