Beauty Trends 2016

I am so done with 2016 and ready to move on to 2017. It was a fun filled year of ridiculously amazing or weird beauty products ever. Beauty industry had set some marks up high for a couple of things though. Some of the beauty trends that made it big in 2016 and will continue in 2017 are:

🔅Highlighting, strobing, contouring, color correcting was such a huge thing this year that I just can’t handle it anymore.. just give me the highlighters and I am good. We did color correcting on a whole different level while using all corrector colors that I always forgot. Which color is for what again?!?! highlighting with concealer made such a difference in doing face makeup. It makes ton of a difference if you use a lighter concealer to highlight it is an instant face lift. Love it!

đź”…Eyebrows was another huge trend and we saw many drugstore and high end makeup brands come with different eyebrow products. Some were a miss and some made it to my best of beauty 2016 including the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade and pencils. I have both and use them religiously it is my must have. Benefit launched an entire collection for just eyebrows some of the best for grooming your brows

🔅Baking your face, this made everyone go cray cray some more than the others. It helps if you have a bit younger skin or you’ll be under flash photography or camera. Other than that if you go a little too overboard with it your face can be used to bake a cake. Because of this trend we saw Translucent powders in the beauty department (RCMA and Laura Mercier Translucent Powder to name a few).

đź”…Matte liquid lipsticks is what I am all about. They were and still are HUGE and I don’t find them going anywhere anytime soon. Every brand, literally every makeup brand got on board with this trend and launched their version or matte lipsticks.

🔅Mirror powder or chrome nails because we couldn’t get enough of highlighter on our faces. I kinda love this trend though it ups my nail game. Nail polish made history this year when LYN Community launched Halal nail polishes certified my UAE Government. Halal basically means that your nails can breathe since Oxygen can pass through the formula not making them yellow stained if you keep wearing nail polishes consecutively. They have a huge nail polish range and they’ve recently launched chrome nail powder too. I’m sure there is more to come from this company. Love LYN!

đź”…Reds, browns and orange eye shadows made a comeback. Who knew people will get onboard with this trend! Done with the right shade for your complexion and they actually look very flattering. Tarte, ABH, Too Faced, Violet Voss, Morphe came out of beautiful eyeshadow palettes revolving around these shade ranges.

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