Monthly Favorites – August

Hello to everyone. Hope you are doing well. I have been MIA but I am back with my most favorite posts to read and watch. These will be my September favorites that I have been loving and using in this summer heat. 

This summer I had my makeup look to a minimum as possible because of this heat. But since it was Eid in the end of August I did wear a full-on glam a couple of times in a row.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette:

For my everyday looks, I was reaching for the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette all these months. I was getting the most natural yet pretty looks with this palette all this and previous months. It is extremely flattering on my skin tone. Even the most subtle eye look made me feel like I was all glammed up. Just Peachy, Luscious, Bellini, Puree and Summer Yum were one of my most used eyeshadows to create multiple looks. The eyeshadows all blend in beautifully and easily. Love it! ✅


Benefit Porefessional Primer:

The Porefessional Primer by Benefit is saving my makeup in this horrible heat. I can really tell a difference if I skip this in my makeup routine. My makeup stays on longer and doesn’t shift or smudge during the day. It does what it says which is a winner in my book. You can try a mini size of it HERE.


Epiduo Gel:

Any pesky little zits that I have been getting these past few months, I am getting rid of them with Epiduo Gel with 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide. My skin responds really well to Benzoyl Peroxide than Salicylic Acid so you might want to give it a try. You can get your hands on it from any nearby pharmacy.

HudaBeauty Rose Gold Textured Eyeshadow Palette:

HudaBeauty Rose Gold Palette was my favorite on Eid and nights where I want to be fully glammed. The textured eyeshadows make the look more glamorous and to be a “night-time” look. Fling, #Blessed and Angelic were my most used all over the lid eyeshadows with Shy, Sandalwood and Henna on my crease and under eyes. Even though they are a limited stock you can still get your hands on this one of a kind eyeshadow palette HERE.

HudaBeauty Liquid Lipsticks:

Another HudaBeauty favorite this month for me. I love almost all her liquid lipsticks but the Pink Edition and Bombshell, in particular, have been my most worn brand and lip colors. They are hydrating so no exfoliation is required. You can pull off these lip colors with a normal amount of moisture on your lips which is good for a mom like me on the go.

Let me know in the comments below which were your favorite products this month. Have a blessed day! xoxo

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