Apartment Hunting Hacks In Dubai

Hey everyone! Long time no see. I have been ecstatic, nervous, anxious and stressed all at the same time about finding a new apartment for us. Before this whole process started I thought I would be so excited while looking through rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and balconies. Not in Dubai. Apartments that look decent enough to actually live in, costs a fortune. Living in Dubai just for that reason only is I believe not justifiable. Dubai has smaller, incredibly narrow apartments but with traffic less than half of what you might get in Sharjah except for people in Marina. Sharjah has great spacious apartments for a reasonable price but their downside IS they are in Sharjah (loads and loads of traffic coming and going to work in Dubai). It depends on each individuals personal preference.

  1. You don’t want to have a hectic drive everyday to drive from Dubai to Sharjah everyday.
  2. You don’t want small apartments. Incase of having kids you need to have a 2 BHK with a balcony.
  3. You want your workplace to be extremely close.
  4. You want your kid’s schools to be closer. Have park, beach or a mall nearby maybe to keep yourself and your kid’s entertained.
  5. You want to live near your friend’s houses. Life here in Dubai can get lonely and robotic sometimes.

Things To Keep In Mind While Renting an Apartment:

  • First and foremost if you are getting an apartment that you are new to then get an agent who can help you out. You can easily find an agent at Dubizzle. They are experts at knowing which buildings have empty apartments according to your need and priorities. You will be paying 5% commission in every building anyways which gets divided by the owner and the agent if one was involved. Don’t just give out your absolute price range infront of them. Tell them less of how much you can afford. Why? The more rent the agents charge you the more commission they make. This was if an apartment can be rented for 40k they might tell you it’s for 45k because that’s under your limit. They will then charge the owner half of the commission which will be more incase of 45k. Good for them but not so much for us. If you want to look on your own that is fine too but much time consuming and hectic. I tried that earlier but it got so tiring with kids and all. With agents I was able to see 3 very nice apartments and according to our needs.
  • Get apartments near to the main road. That two blocks inside the main road in Sharjah might look harmless to you. But can make you regret it every single day coming and going to work with school buses and cars jammed all around you.
  • Get an apartment that has sunlight coming in most of the time of the day. Why you ask me? There are AC’S turned on all day long at home. The weather outside is hot enough to fry an egg so keeping the windows open for ventilation is completely out of the question. Keeping the AC on all day and not getting any or hardly any sunlight will start giving you body aches. I was living in an apartment years ago where the sunlight hit a couple of inches big on my wall for like 1 hour. I constantly dealt with body aches, flu and cold. My clothes on the dryer on my balcony took much longer to dry. once they did dry they smelled a little funny. No-Sunlight-Lots-Of-Moisture-Funny. Not fun at all.
  • Get a kitchen that is separate and not connected with the lounge like they have in Studio apartments. I think this might be my personal preference but I like having the option to keep my kitchen a little untidy and not worry about it being neat and tidy ALL the time especially when someone comes over. I had to spend so much on the kitchen decor to have everything at the right place to keep it looking like a hot mess. But it is extremely difficult for me to keep up with that. It’s stress that I can avoid by having a separate kitchen.
  • Having a balcony is quite important to dry your clothes faster in winters. To go out and stand once in a while to breathe and take a break. Take a cup of tea outside with your partner and enjoy the view (if you have one).
  • There should be ventilator fans in the kitchen and bathroom. Due to pushing more apartments in small space in buildings people skip putting fans in bathrooms and sometimes kitchen also. I want all that smell outside of my house and not inside thank you very much!
  • Always take an incy tape with you to measure the rooms in the apartment. Empty apartments tend to look more spacious than yours filled with furniture and junk. You will be surprised as to how little difference there might be in terms of space and the price you are getting. If inch-tape is too technical for you then measure your home with a pair of shoes that you will most likely or definitely wear when house hunting. count the footsteps length and width wise. Jot it down on your phone and Wallah! Your easy measuring technique to check if this will be your next home.
  • It’s better to have a big gigantic 1 BHK than getting a 2 BHK for twice the price. Unless ofcourse 2 BHK is what you absolutely want incase of older children or live- in parents. The less you have to pay for rent the better. Because it just comes and goes. You might be able to enjoy a view of Burj Khalifa but once you go broke, the apartment rent is what’s going to bug you the most. Clothes, shoes, even cars get to be yours after paying but rented apartments can never have your name after any amount of time.
  • Look for apartments with 1 and a half bathroom. The smaller one can be designated for your kids and the guests visiting. While the big one can be used for showers and grown ups of the household.

These are my few main and most important observations during apartment hunting in Dubai. Hope these were helpful. Please feel free to let me know in the comments below if you have any other tips and tricks. I surely need them since I am apartment hunting right now. Have a blessed day! xoxo

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