About Me

The name is Aixa, short for Ayesha and long for “A” (reference from Ice Age: Dawn of Dinosaurs). I am a mother of two boys (hence, the reference to an animated movie above) who drive me crazy every second of the day but I’m used to it now. Now that I don’t sound completely crazy shall we begin.

So here goes nothing! I will be writing about makeup, fashion, a little bit of lifestyle and everything else going on in my life in this blog. I like taking pictures so expect a lot of that. Makeup is my focal point here because I think I know a thing or two about it. Thanks to YouTube! I’ll do product reviews, swatching and all that good stuff. Hopefully people can relate to me and I am help to not all but at least some of the people out there.

Please feel free to send me requests for posts or product reviews and if I haven’t been enough bossy already go follow me on Instagram. In my mind I’m very interesting and funny.