8 Types of Mothers

So this can go both ways. Either I can take you through an emotional rollercoaster of happy, sad and exciting emotions or tell it all in sarcasm which by the way is my second language.

Moms do you know that feeling when you wake up in the morning all fresh, well rested and ready to take on the day? Yah me neither! I wake up thinking one more day Ayesha then you can go to this bed again and sleep the hell out and do it all over again tomorrow. Consider this post as my observation and experiences with different types of moms. Until now I have encountered 8 types of mothers.

Anxious Moms

Who worry about their kid having to hurt himself in some way their friend told them about, who found out about from someone else, who read it on Facebook 2 years ago while stalking her EX.

Mother’s in Denial

You see women constantly going on about how they are perfect and how their children are perfect. Their kid has an anger issue and the entire restaurant can see it and her mother is like “he is such a calm, quite boy I can’t even tell he’s in home sometimes”. Are you serious? Do you not see what I see? Do you not see what EVERYONE see? I call this “Denial”.

Now I can come off clean about every single thing my kid does wrong but moms who are like this will be judging me in every single way. But that’s not even the point you can nag or complain in front of someone who listens, to actually solve your problem not so they are having imaginary pop-corns and cold drink while listening you complain about your life and kids. I cannot and will NOT give them the satisfaction of eating that much pop-corn in their mind and not gain a single Kilo.

Competitive Moms

Comparing grades when your kid is in Kindergarten? Like he will be getting his first job on those grades. I was a position holder till the 5th Grade but no bloody hell asks me how much I scored in 2nd Grade.

Confused Moms

Who listens to everyone and everything people have to say. They don’t have a sense of direction or the decision making to do what’s best for them and their children.

Teacher’s Pet

I hate moms like these to the very core of my heart. They know their way into a teacher’s heart.. bring them cookies, gifts on birthdays, surprising them with cute gestures. My question to the teachers.. How do you not see her bribing you?!?!

Go-With-The-Flow Mom

They tend to agree on the same subject, about the same things they are with at that very moment. These mothers confuse me… so hold on. You will sit here in front of all these people and nod in approval that you put your kids to bed to sleep at 8pm sharp, no exceptions but when I called you 2 days ago at 10pm, school night your kid’s were still up. Your answer to that was “Oh! They are playing right now they always go to bed at 11pm.” To mother’s like these I say “You Confuse Me Woman.”

Overthinking Moms

These moms panic before their son jumps on their brother and breaks his nose. This is my kind. I am overthinking every little situation and can tell what my kids will damage next. Maybe his nose, maybe her home, definitely that kid’s toy. While my husband sits next to me and ask me to “Relax.. They are just playing”. Dude! you don’t know what kind of stuff your kids are capable of. I know! I live with them… 24/7, 365 days a year.

Germaphobic Moms

Don’t sit there, don’t walk on the sand, don’t play in the sand, going to cinemas for the movie is out of question. They have Alcoholic wipes for wherever their kid sits on, walks on, crawls on, stands on, poops on. I was one of those mothers ONCE UPON A TIME. But then I had a second child… now I am tired to clean myself. Just kidding! No I am not… I don’t know I am tired.

So let me know in the comments below which type of mother are you. In the defence of all these mothers… we might come off crazy but only for our kids. No heart feelings… Laugh, let loose and share this. xoxo

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