5 Makeup Must-Haves

Let’s talk makeup whether you are a beginner or your drawers are a deep, dark pit of cosmetics that you don’t even remember buying. Everyone should be ready for a quick 5-10 minutes makeup look especially for us mothers. When talking about mothers 5-10 minutes also seem like an hour out of our lives. Practice makes perfect so instead of waiting to go out and look presentable start practicing a simple look at home when you are just chilling and by chilling I mean do laundry and change diapers. After years of practice and multiple makeups fails I’ve narrowed down to 5 makeup items that I absolutely need to have a decent face.


Yay! for my raccoon eyes that is due to the lack of sleep for I don’t even
remember how many years now. So concealer is my favorite otherwise I look like I have a black eye with a bunch of makeup on. Not the look I want to go for, not the look anyone wants to go for. People are going nuts with 3 types of concealers, where 1 is used for concealing duh! The other one is used for highlighting and the third for contouring. This might be included in someone else’s 10-minute makeup look but not me. I just like concealing my under eyes, blemishes and any discoloration going on my face. Blend with your fingers or if you’re feeling fancy use a damp Beauty Blender. I love using L.A. Pro Girl concealer in (Dhms 19) from Souq since it’s exactly the same color as my skin and doesn’t need a ton of blending.



This sound high maintenance but hear me out. Eyebrows can give you a neat, sleek look without having a smokey or a cut crease look on your eyes. I kid you not I feel naked when I go out without doing my eyebrows. They are sparse and uneven, to begin with so that’s why this is a makeup must-have for me. For people who naturally have fuller eyebrows… I hate you! I use Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade in Auburn for Dhms 114 from here (i’ve dyed my hair Auburn), sometimes ABH pencil in Dark Brown and use light eyeshadows to make it look more natural since both these colors are dark and intense. I use eyeshadows from the Lorac Pro Palette just so you’re curious. Check out Lorac Pro Eye Shadow Palette here.




You see online videos showing you multiple things to open up your eyes. If you want to get ready in a couple of minutes use mascara. It opens up your eyes like no other trick. I personally like the look of separated, long lashes, not those clumpy ones that seems like you have a spider resting on your eyelids. It’s just personal preference if you like that look rock it! I’m in love with CoverGirl mascara for Dhms 58 from Souq these days but my all time favorite is The Falsies by Maybelline. 


Pale or deep! whatever your complexion is a blush gives u a lively look. If you use pinky rose shade it makes you look younger and fresh while deep shades can look great on a night out. I use Nars Blush in Mata Hari most of the time and swap between Tarte Blush palette every now and then.




Lipgloss if you are hardly a teenager, lipstick if you don’t like dry lips and liquid lipsticks if you are obsessed with this latest trend. I know I am! I have matte liquid lipsticks for multiple brands like Colourpop (bought online from makeupfuel on Instagram), DMGM Photo Fix Color (bought from Michael Gallery in Deira City Centre), LimeCrime (bought online) and HudaBeauty Liquid Lipsticks (bought from Sephora, Midriff City Centre). If you hate the feel of extremely dry lips then try Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks they are the most moisturizing out of all the mattes I own. Then DMGM, LimeCrime and then finally Colourpop. Colourpop is the most drying formula that I’ve used but their lippie stix are a tad bit more moisturizing.

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  1. Where can we find this mascara in Dubai? And if you could do a review of good drugstore mascaras please? And talk about which one is best in doing what.. I need great help in thickening my lashes,
    Good tips above:) keep writing!!!

    1. I bought it online since CoverGirl is not available in Dubai from Desertcart.ae. Maybelline falsies mascara is very good for thickening and lengthening eye lashes. Also L’oreal telescopic mascara is very good too.