10 Things To Be Happy About Being Single On Valentine’s Day

I don’t get whats the fuss is all about if nobody loves you on Valentine’s Day… Nobody did any other day of the year too. Haha don’t get offended you know it’s true. Let me give you a silver lining to the sad life you think you have for being single on that one day when your classmate with a uni brow also has a date.

Number 1: 

You can sleep in peace knowing nobody will or can (even if they want to) cheat on you.

Number 2: 

No mind games or manipulation whatsoever.

Number 3: 

The world is your oyster, lobster, shrimps… you name it.

Number 4: 

Life is much better when you can browse through Instagram all day long judging other people’s personal lives than to text someone.

Number 5: 

It’s better to go out with your girls and avoid the “butterfly in the stomach”, “excitement” and all that good stuff. You are with your best friends what more do you want?

Number 6: 

Let’s be honest. Nobody can break your heart this day if you are single. Not a chance!

Number 7:

The whole fuss of being in a relationship is avoided. You can sleep whenever you want, you can eat whenever you want. You don’t have to explain anything to anyone. It’s just you, your phone and your bag of chips.

Number 8:

You SAVE tons of money. No gifts, dinner, buying new clothes, going to a salon. This one is mainly for the guys but if you are a  girl who have to pay for dinner you might as well be single.

Number 9:

You know how people say you should appreciate every time of your life. You have your whole life ahead of you to be in a relationship. Why not appreciate being single?

Number 10:

I don’t have a “Number 10” but I just wanted to round off the count. OCD of mine.

I feel Valentine’s Day is so over hyped. I never had a date this day (desi problems) and I survived.. So can you! Comment down below if you also appreciate being single. Have a great day! xoxo

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